【VILLAGEHOUSE】Room rent in Japan.Foreigner, Family,Single person OK

Cheap Accommodation With Village House

VILLAGE HOUSE is a Apartment in Japan.There are 100,000 rooms from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

VILLAGE HOUSE are easy to rent, even for those who have difficulty renting a room. Of course, foreigners can also live there. While foreigners may not be able to rent a room when looking for a room, it is not difficult to rent a room at Village House. You can rent a room even if you do not have a guarantor.

Click on the URL below to apply or make an inquiry.If you apply for the URL, the agency fee (1 month) is free.

click here→ VILLAGE HOUSE

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1:What is a VILLAGE HOUSE?

Introduction to the VILLAGE HOUSE


When moving in

 1:No deposit
 2:No brokerage fee
 3:No need for a guarantor
 4:No lock replacement fee
 5:No joint guarantor required

After moving in


 1:Low rent
 2:No management fee
 3:No renewal fees

Move-in costs

The only initial costs upon moving in are the daily rent for the month you move in, the next month's rent, and fire insurance (10,000 yen for 2 years).

No stringent tenant screening process.

There is no screening through a guarantee company, so tenant screening is not strict.
Tenants can move in regardless of age and nationality.
Single fathers, single mothers, people with disabilities, pensioners, and the elderly can also move in.

Move in regardless of occupation or income.

You can live there even if you have a low income, as long as you can afford the rent. If the person has no income, a proxy can sign the contract.

↓ For inquiries and to apply for admission, please click here

Visit the VILLAGE HOUSE website


VILLAGEHOUSE is a renovated public housing property around 40 years old. The building is old, but the rooms are very clean.
Most of the rooms are 2K/2DK or 3K/3DK layouts.【< >点击查看上下一张照片】

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【2K(34㎡)foor plan】


【3DK(56㎡)foor plan】 

Rent, utilities and WIFI

・Rent starts from 20,000 yen per month.

・Utilities are not included in rent.

・WIFI is not included.

*Rents for rooms in the same building differ depending on the number of floors and facilities (air conditioner, gas water heater).


Most VILLAGEHOUSE properties are 4 or 5 stories high; properties with 4 or 5 stories do not have elevators.


Parking is available.
From 3,000 yen per car for a fee.

Pet Friendly

Pets are allowed under certain conditions.
Please consult VILLAGEHOUSE.

3:Documents required for move-in procedures

Documents required for move-in procedures.Please prepare in advance

1:required documents

Proof of income: The required documents are the previous month's paycheck stub or the previous year's withholding tax statement. If you have just started working and do not have these documents, submit an employment contract or the like. *Part-time, part-time, or temporary employment is also acceptable.

2:Identification card

Residence card or other identification. If you have family members, their IDs are also required.

3:Bank account for rent payment

Monthly rent will be automatically deducted from your bank. Therefore, a Japanese bank account is required. Please prepare it in advance. An online bank is also acceptable.

4:A seal in your name


4:We have a special campaign for you!

When you sign a contract for a room, you will receive one month free rent and 30,000 yen worth of moving services. *The 30,000 yen can be used to pay rent or for curtains and lighting.

5:What to expect when renting a VILLAGEHOUSE

・It takes many days to rent a room. Therefore, it is better to apply at least 3 weeks to 1 month in advance.

・VILLAGEHOUSE does not cost money when you rent, but it does when you move out. Therefore, they are not suitable for short-term rentals. It is better to rent when you want to live there for a long time (more than 2 years).

Click on the URL below to apply or make an inquiry.If you apply for the URL, the agency fee (1 month) is free.

click here→ VILLAGE HOUSE

Click " (日本語)" on the upper right to select the language.

If you find a room you like, send us an email from "E-Mail us"!

About Email Inquiry

Regarding consultation, it is possible to stay in a room that you have not yet decided on.You ask ″Is there a house in ◯◯ (the address of your accommodation)? If you ask, we will give you information about availability.Please feel free to ask questions because even small questions can be asked. If there is something you want to ask, please feel free to ask about it. Write back in English.

Note: We will not make business calls or send business emails after you send your inquiry email. Please feel free to send emails.

For short-term people

Students can also rent if they share a house. Of course, it is possible to rent without income. In the case of a shared house called OAKHOUSE, you can rent a room by showing your passport. Short-term (1 month~) is also possible.


*Rooms can also be booked from abroad.

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